You could be the difference. You only have to look at some of the biggest Worldwide successes to see that behind every success there are a whole host of great people who are the difference. The person that will make the difference here is you.

As you know motorsport is prohibitively expensive. It is tougher than other sports and difficult for talents to shine freely. I have not gone without achievement and I am proud of those achievements, but, more for how they happened and the fantastic people that have shown courage and belief to support my efforts to change the top level of motorsport forever.

I am dedicated to becoming the first female to win the World Rally Championship outright. French female Rally Driver Michele Mouton came so close in 1982, 5 years before I existed. I want to go one step further, and you could be the difference.

I achieved my goal of gaining a FIA Rally Title in 2012, becoming the first female in the World to achieve a non gender based FIA Title. Though this was a great thing it also made me sad that it had not been achieved much earlier by a female driver.

I want to rewrite the future and have a path for female drivers to follow. I want to help smash any limiting beliefs of females around the world on what can be achieved not only in motorsport but all perceived limits of female possibilities.

I am not from a motorsport family. My late father Robert did love cars and I grew up sharing his passion. My dad used to design Fords in the 70s working on cars including the legendary Mk2 Escort in the Dunton Ford design offices. My father sadly lost his fight to Cancer in 2008. Though my father loved cars he did not want me to rally. It was very difficult to go against his wishes and carry on rallying. I do believe everyone has a destiny and this is mine. I would hope that he is looking down with a smile rather than being annoyed :o)

There are many ways you can be the difference. I have sponsorship and support campaigns to suit nearly every budget with reflecting benefits in correlation. It would be awesome to have your support.

Louise :o)